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In CSS (Central Superior Services) exam written part, optional subjects hold very important position. It is these subjects that makes your way through written part of the competitive exam. So it is highly advised by the CSS mentors and academies to opt CSS elective subjects wisely. 

There are some important guidelines that CSS aspirants should follow while opting CSS optional subjects. Some of these guidelines are:

Try to opt those subjects whose syllabuses are interlinked as much as possible. In this way you would not have to work for each subject separately.

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For example, it is a good choice to opt International Relations along with History of USA/US History. By preparing International Relations syllabus completely, 30-40% of US History syllabus is prepared automatically.

Second important step is to choose those subjects whose syllabus is short. Like for example, the syllabus of Gender Studies is one of the shortest syllabuses in CSS optional subjects.

Third point is, opt only that subject which you understand and prepare easily. 

Do not opt your degree subject if are not very good at it.

Never opt a subject just because it was opted by one of CSS toppers. The logic is very simple. The topper might have good command over it, which you might not have.

Optional Subjects Of CSS Toppers 

optional subjects of css toppers

Optional Subjects Of CSS 2021 Topper

CSS 2021 topper was Hafiz Ali Naeem Sheikh. His optional subjects were;

1 International Relations

2 Business Administration

3 History of USA

4 Philosophy

5 Punjabi

Subjects Of CSS 2020 Topper

CSS 2020 topper was Maheen Hassan. Her optional subjects were;

1 Accountancy and Auditing

2 Applied Mathematics

3 Statistics

4 Business Administration

5 Mercantile Law

Optional Subjects Of CSS 2019 Topper

CSS 2020 topper was Rana Haider Tahir. His optional subjects were;

1 Political Science

2 History Of USA

3 Gender Studies

4 Criminology

5 Journalism and Mass Communication

How To Choose Optional Subjects For CSS

Choosing a subject based on someone recommendation is not a wise step. Similarly opting a subject merely because it was opted by a topper is not good either. You should choose your optional based on your level of understanding and its course.

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