Pak Study MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part I

21 Do you know how many Urdu journals were published from 1872-1888 from Lucknow?


22 When was Banaras Institute created?


23 Banaras Institute was actually the first practical step taken by the Hindus against


24 When was Urdu introduced as an official language by the British Government in the subcontinent?


25 In which year the Hindi-Urdu controversy began?


26 In which year some prominent Hindu leaders demanded the introduction of Hindi as an official language in the Sub-continent?


27 Which Muslim leader first of all decided to take practical steps for the protection of Urdu?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

28 The construction of a Dar-ul-Tarjma was demanded by the Sir Syed Ahmad Khan from the government in


29  Central Association established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was located in


30 Which platform Sir Syed Ahmad Khan used for the protection of Urdu?

Scientific Society

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