Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part II

Here are some of the MCQs of Pakistan Affairs that we have collected from different books with the hope that these will help you in your preparation for CSS, PMS, NTS, PTS and other such competitive examinations and tests. We have tried our best to avoid any kind of miss-information and mistakes in its collection but still if you find any please inform us.

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Pakistan Affairs MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part II

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1 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established Muhammadan Anglo Oriental (M. A. O) High School at Aligarh on

24th May 1874

2 M. A. O. High School at Aligarh was upgraded to college level in


3 Chief guest of the inauguration of M. A. O. College was

Lord Lytton

4 M. A. O. College was finally raised to the level of university in


5 Who established the Muslim Educational Conference?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

6 Muslim Educational Conference was established in


7 In British History, the independence war of 1857 is called?


8 Rasala-i-Asbab-Baghawat-i-Hind was published by

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

9 In Rasala-i-Asbab-Baghawat-i-Hind, Sir Syed tried to explain

The real causes of the war of 1857

10 The book ‘Life of Muhammad’ was written by

William Muir

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