Pak Study MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part I

11 The Babul Islam of the Sub-continent is


12 Arabs ruled over the Sindh for how many years?

282 years

13 Where the first Islamic Mosque was constructed in the sub-continent?


14 Arabs attack on Daibul under Muhammad Qasim was the

Third attack on subcontinent by the Muslims

15 What was the real name of Muhammad Bin Qasim?

Immad-u-din Muhammad

16 Can you tell almost how old is Urdu language?

400 years

17 Urdu language is the amalgamation of

Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hindi

18 The another name of Urdu language is


19 During English rule over the Sub-continent, who rendered valuable services for the development and protection of Urdu?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

20 Can you tell what is Farhang-i-Asfia?

A dictionary

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