Pak Study MCQs For CSS PMS NTS And Lectureship Part I

31 Who in 1871 ordered that Urdu should be scrapped from the syllabus books?

George Cambell

32 Do you know who George Cambell was?

Governor of Bengal

33 Wh0 in 1900 ordered the introduction of Hindi as an official language?

Anthony MacDonald

34 Do you know who Anthony MacDonald actually was?

U.P Governor

35 Urdu Defence Society was established by

Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

36 Urdu Defence Society protested against whose biased decision?

Anthony MacDonald

37 The students of Aligarh College protested against whose decision of scrapping Urdu as official language?


38 The Governor debarred the Nawab from using the title of Mohsin-ul-Mulk on October 19, 1900. Can you tell us why?

For his staunch support for Urdu

39 When Ghandi declared that the only language capable of becoming the national language of India is Hindi?


40 Anjuman-i-Tarakki-i-Urdu was established by

 Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

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