Global Warming Quiz Questions And Answers

Global Warming quiz questions and answers. Climate change quiz questions and answers. Quiz on global warming with answers.climate change exam questions.

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Global Warming Quiz Questions And Answers

1 Which is the most harmful greenhouse gas?

Carbon dioxide and Methane

2 What do you mean by ozone depletion?

Reduction of Ozone layer in Stratosphere

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3 What are the chief greenhouse gases?

Carbon dioxide and Methane

4 Which is the chief ozone depletion gas?


5 When was the ozone hole discovered?

16 May 1985

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6 When was the first climate change summit?

12-23 February 1979

7 Where was the first climate change summit held?


8 When was Kyoto Protocol adopted?

December 11, 1997

9 Where was Kyoto Protocol adopted?

Kyoto (Japan)

10 When Kyoto Protocol entered into force?

February 16, 2005

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