Human History Timeline MCQs

Human history timeline MCQs. human evolution timeline chart. Who was first human as per science? How old is earth? human history timeline MCQs. Color of first human being.

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Human History Timeline MCQs

1 How long have humans been on the earth?

200,000 years (modern human race)

2 Where did humans first appear on Earth?


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3 How old is Lucy the first human?

3.2 million years

4 How long has there been life on Earth?

App. 3.8 billion years

5 What color was the first human?


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6 How old is the human race?

App. 200,000 years

7 How old is the first human fossil?

177,000 years

8 When did dinosaurs exist?

66 million years ago

9 Who started civilization?


10 How old is Lucy the first human?

3.2 billion years

11 What caused dinosaur extinction?

Impact of a massive comet or asteroid 10 to 15 km wide

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