Pakistan MCQs English – 3000 Basic To Advance Important MCQs

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Pakistan MCQs English

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1 What is the official name of Pakistan?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

2 What is the total land area of Pakistan?

881,913 km²

3 On the basis of area what is the rank of Pakistan in the world?


Pakistan Industrial Sector MCQs

4 On the basis of population what is the rank of Pakistan in the world?

Fifth (5th)

5 What is the population of Pakistan?

197 million

6 What was the total GDP of Pakistan in 2017?

305 billion USD

Pakistan Water Reservoir MCQs

7 What is the currency of Pakistan?

Pakistani Rupee

8 With how many countries Pakistan share border?

Four (4)

9 Pakistan is located in which part of the world?

South Asia

Famous Pakistani Books MCQs

10 What is the official language of Pakistan?


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