Prophet Muhammad As A Role Model For Educator

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Prophet Muhammad As A Role Model For Educator

The Holy Quran says “Allah has favoured the faithful by sending an apostle to them from among themselves. Who recites to them His messages, and reforms and teaches them the Law and the judgement, for they were clearly in error in before.” – Al Imran. This Ayat clarifies that the job of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was not only to convey the message of Allah but also to teach Muslims His commands. Whereas Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was perfect in all other aspects of life he was also best in teaching Islam to the world. His life also serves as a role model for the educators of today world. Some important methods that educators can learn from His life are given below.

prophet muhammad as a role model for educator

Prophet Muhammad As A Role Model For Individual

A teacher is role model for his students. Who could know this better than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That is why he used to take care of minute things during the course of his teaching. A well known incident from his holy life can be quoted here as an example. One day a woman along with her son came to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and requested Him to give an advice to her son who eats too much sweets. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) told her to visit tomorrow. The next day when woman along with her son came before the Prophet (PBUH) he told her son do not eat too much sweets. Upon hearing this, the woman asked Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) why he did not said so yesterday? On this the Holy Prophet replied I couldn’t because I have eaten sweets myself yesterday.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while explaining a topic or a concept of religion used to give examples from everyday life.

Prophet Muhammad As A Role Model For Diplomats

An educator should not confine himself to the teaching of a particular subject and discipline only. He should introduce his disciples with every aspect of life. This is what we learn from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Holy Prophet not only taught religion but also the basics of life to people. From statesmanship to body cleaning, he taught every single tiny thing very comprehensively to his disciples.

Another very unique characteristic of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaching methodology was freedom to ask question related to any aspect of life, religion or Quran.

Explaining a topic by giving examples from everyday life is no doubt an important aspect of successful teaching methodology. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while explaining a topic or a concept of religion used to give examples from everyday life. For example highlighting the significance of prayer, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) asked his companions (RA) what would say if a man baths five times a day in a river that runs in front of his house. Will he remain dirty? The companions replied no. On this the Prophet said, this is how prayer cleans you. Other methods that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to explain a topic is either performing it practically or by drawing a map on ground, depending upon the conditions which suits best.

Prophet Muhammad As A Role Model For Military Strategist

During lecture the communication skill of teacher bears great importance. An educator should not either speaks so low that students could not hear him nor so loud that it starts bothering them. Similarly he should also not speak so fast that they cannot understand him nor so slow that it takes hours to complete a single topic. The communication of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) was so perfect that His companions liked to hear Him all the day. He spoke so perfectly that according to Bibi Ayesha (R.A.) His words can be easily counted.

The life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a role model for us in every aspect of life either it is teaching, business or social. We cannot outline the importance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) life for an individual in a few lines.

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