712 to 1857 War History MCQs Of Subcontinent

21 When was the Battle of Plassey fought?

June 1757

22 When the Battle of Plassey erupted?

June 23, 1757

23 Who fought the Battle of Plassey?

Siraj ud Daula and East India Company

24 Who won the Battle of Plassey?

East India Company

25 Who led the British army in Battle of Plassey?

Robert Clive

26 When was the First Anglo-Mysore war fought?


27 How long the First Anglo-Mysore war was fought?

Two years (1767-1769)

28 Who fought the First Anglo-Mysore war?

Asif Jah II (Sultan of Mysore) and East India Company

29 Who won the First Anglo-Mysore war?


30 When was the Second Anglo-Mysore war fought?


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