US Strategic Tilt Towards India: Causes And Consequences – 6 Powerful Effects

This post will help you to understand “US strategic tilt towards India. Its causes and consequences”. “Why US is favoring India in South Asia?” and “what is the relationship between the US and India?”

US Strategic Tilt Towards India: Causes And Consequences

Siding India in many cases especially in those that have direct link with Pakistan has been remained the policy of USA since the beginning but it has got momentum over the past few years especially when Donald Trump has become the president of America. Whereas some political analysts have welcomed this move of the government, many other believed that such move will increases US problems in the region. US decision of changing strategic partner in South Asian region has many causes and it certainly will have many consequences both for the region and US. Some major reasons that forced US to change her strategic partner in the region are;

us strategic tilt towards india

Role Of China, India and Russia in Peace Process

Get Rid Of Afghan Issue Quickly: After spending as much as 45 billion dollars per year for the last one and half decade, US still stood far behind from securing peace in the country. The seventeen years long war in Afghanistan not only drained US economy but it also kept her attention diverged from many other political issues both at home and global level. To change her pattern of waging war in Afghanistan and to get rid of Afghan issue as quickly as possible, she is trying to enter a new player, India. US actually want to hand over Afghanistan and all its problems to a regional player so that she could withdraw from the region.

Pakistan’s Role in Afghan Peace Process

Thwart China’s Influence in The Region: To counter the increasing influence of China in the region, is also one of the major reasons that pushed USA for strengthening bonds with India. Unlike Pakistan, India’s tense relations with China also make her US best option for making an Anti-Sino alliance.

Similarly USA would like that instead of China master of the region should be that country which is at least loyal to her. To strengthen Indian economy and to make her competent to successfully run with China for mastership of the region USA has signed many bilateral trade agreements with India.

Sphere Of Influence: America also want that incase if she withdraw her forces from the region, she at least have a political sphere of influence in the region through India.

US Blunders in Afghan Peace Process

Such a major and sudden move of US will have many effects on both peace and security in the region. India is the only state that has hostile relations with all its neighbors especially with both Pakistan and China. Main reason of India’s hostile relations is her infiltration in the internal security of all the states. The support of a superpower state on India’s back will foster her illicit planes of causing disturbance in the neighboring states to supersede them economically.

Afghan Problem Will Never Solve: Entrusting major role to India in Afghanistan’s peace and stability development process means pushing the country towards a new great proxy war between India, Pakistan and China. India can never be sincere with Afghanistan’s peace and development process because the country lies thousand miles away from Afghanistan. Whether Afghanistan prospers or burn in ashes, it doesn’t matter for her. For India unstable Afghanistan is more beneficial because instability in the region gives her an excellent opportunity to target her enemies, Pakistan and China, easily.

Understanding US Indo Pacific Policy

Affect Delicate Regional Balance: US unnecessary support for India will severely affect the level of delicate regional balance. India has disputes with all its neighboring states and USA support will tilt the balance of power in region on one side which will have grave effects on peace and security in the region for long term.

Nuclear War Possibility: Both China, Pakistan and India are nuclear power states. Many security and research reports have predicted higher possibility of nuclear war in the region. In such delicate situation US act of supporting India against China and Pakistan is like plotting a nuclear war in the region.

Though in international political arena every state is free to maximize her gains and minimizes her loss but US being the superpower state of the world should behave more rationally. She while maximizing her benefits in the region should not overlook the complex political pattern of South East Asia region.

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