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The post explains “Basis of Pakistan ideology. Its importance for Muslims. Two Nations Theory and Ideology of Pakistan. Reaction to British policies. Aims and objectives of Pakistan ideology.”

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Ideology Of Pakistan – CSS

The existence of Pakistan on world’s map every time reminds us the vibrant ideology of the Muslims of Subcontinent who on the basis of that demanded a separate state to ensure the survival of their separate identity. Generally an ideology is a set of proposed ideas about human nature and society. Therefore a political ideology can be defined as it is a system of beliefs that explain and justifies a preferred political order, either existing or proposed and offers a strategy for its attainment. Reo M. Christenson in his book “Ideologies and Modern Politics” has explained the function of an ideology in these terms,

“An ideology offers an interpretation of the past and an explanation of the present and a vision of the future.”

As per Reo M. Christenson an ideology emerges when people feels strongly that they are being mistreated under an existing order and when their status is threatened by fundamental changes occurring in the society and when the prevailing ideology no longer satisfies them.

Ideology Of Pakistan - CSS

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Importance Of An Ideology

While explaining the concept of ideology Professor Muhammad Ikram Rabbani in his famous book “Pakistan Studies” has highlighted the importance of an ideology in following terms.

 1. Motivating Force: An ideology helps in bringing stability and homogeneity in a nation by motivating them for a particular cause.

2. Binding Force: For success it is necessary that all members should work in coordination with each other. Ideology provides helps in doing so by providing a common platform to them

Objectives Behind Pakistan Creation

3. Line Of Action: Ideology compel members of a nation to follow a common line of action for the accomplishment of their goal.

4. Shape Revolution: And last but not the least, an ideology shape revolution and give birth to new culture and civilizations.

Basis Of Pakistan Ideology

The ideology of Pakistan traces its roots from the following grounds.

Two Nation Theory

This was the single most important factor that actually gave shape to Pakistan ideology. The theory was presented by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1867 and it says that Hindu and Muslims are two separate nations with different social, political and religious beliefs. In the beginning Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a staunch advocate of Hindu-Muslims unity and often called them his own eyes like once he had said

“I look to both Hindus and Muslims with the same eyes and consider them as my own eyes (All Indian Association).”

 But after observing Hindus unbiased prejudice and hatred towards Muslims under the patronage of British, he was convinced that they can never be honest towards Muslims and therefore took his statement back and called both Hindus and Muslims separate nations.

Religious Freedom

The demand of separate state was based on the idea to secure distinctive religious identity by creating a separate state. Therefore the famous slogan “Pakistan Ka Matlab Keya, La Ilaha Illalah” became the core of freedom movement.

Reaction To British Policies

British after 1857, in order to ensure their firm hold in Subcontinent began siding Hindus due to their relative large number in the society.  This leads to the exploitation of Muslims of Subcontinent in almost all fields of social, political and economic life. Pakistan’s ideology was therefore a reaction to this joint exploitative policy of both Britishers and Hindus.  

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