Challenges To CPEC; Internal And External

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Challenges To CPEC; Internal And External

Challenges to CPEC depend upon the nature of enmity of both China and Pakistan with their rival nations. It is obvious that USA is not happy with the ever increasing influence of China on world horizon. Similarly China’s boarder dispute with India also may pose a threat to CPEC. Likewise India like China is one of the fast growing economies and she does not want that China superseded her in the pace for next super power status of the world. Pakistan, like China, has also enmity nature relations with India since independence and she may cause some troubles during the completion process of this mega project. But these are not the only problem that Pakistan should care about. There are a number of other challenges to CPEC that emerged from within the country social, political and economic spheres. So due to this reason we may categorize challenges to CPEC on the basis of its nature into two categories i.e. internal and external.


Internal Challenges To CPEC

These are those challenges that emerged from within the country. These problems emerged from time to time and their nature depends upon the social, political and economic system of the country.

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(A) Social Problems

These problems emerged due to social issues such as lack of proper judicial system in society and the lack of health facilities and inability of common person to have access to equal education opportunities. Such atrocities of the government sometimes forced people for violent action and they destroy public property during their protest.

(B) Political Problems

The uncertain political system of the country is no doubt a big challenge in the completion of this mega project. The repeated imposition of martial law by military dictators from time to time and the practice of overthrown of the government of one political fiction by another’s, are common political practices of the country.  In such uncertain political environment it seems extremely difficult for the project to be completed by due date.


(C) Economic Problems

The fluctuated economic system of the country is another major problem. Though the project is financed by China but the practice of corruption is common in the country which makes it difficult for the plan to be completed in due time without facing any financial issues.

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(D) Other Challenges

Other internal challenges that emerged somehow due to the above problems include security challenges and provincial governments’ reservations over their shares in the project.

Pakistan is one of the top affected countries, that has suffered most with the on-going terrorism activities across the world. The country is mostly prone to such terrorist activities due to two main reasons; an unstable Afghanistan that lies on its western border and the involvement of India to use the soil of Afghanistan against Pakistan by plotting and financing such terrorist activities. Similarly some annoyed tribes of Baluchistan, who are angry at the unjust attitude of the government of Pakistan with the people of province are also posing threat by attacking and kidnapping Chinese personals. These groups are also backed by India.

CPEC Phases And Timeline

Likewise some of the provincial governments’, especially KPK, have some reservations about their shares in this mega projects. Such reservations if not addressed properly may cause a serious problem in the form of public protest against the project.

External Challenges

These are those challenges that emerged from outside the country. Though there is no threat of their direct involvement in the failure of the project but still they can do so indirectly such as by financing terrorist activities, inflaming social riots and so on. The nature of each such threats have been discussed in detail in below paragraphs.

(A) India

There are high chances that India will try its utmost to stop and fail this project or even at minimum level, creates some hurdles in its completion process. The reason behind this is her tense relations with both Pakistan and China.

Another reason is her desire for more and more influence and power in the region and China is big hurdle in fulfilment of India’s this dream because China is more economically and militarily strong than India.

Similarly to contain any future progress of the Gawadar Port of Pakistan, which is one of the most important points of CPEC project, India is building a similar port at Chabahar, Iran.

(B) Afghanistan

Though Afghanistan has apparently no problems with CPEC and the project even can benefit her if she participate but still Afghanistan can be proved as a threat because her land can be used against Pakistan.

Similarly the Taliban is taking back control in Afghanistan and the presence of such terrorist groups in the region in itself is a threat because these terrorist groups mostly targeted general public and infrastructure.

(C) Iran

The only problem that Iran may have with CPEC is its negative influence on her economy and her seaports. So far Iran has raised no objection against the construction of this project but time will reveal her real response in this regard.


The completion of CPEC and similar projects in the region will further increase the influence of China in the region and this is what which USA do not like and do not want to see.

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