Criminology CSS Paper MCQs

Criminology CSS Paper MCQs. Criminology CSS Paper MCQs.

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Criminology CSS Paper MCQs

1 Is deviance/deviant act a crime?

No, not all deviant acts are crimes

2 Which famous criminologist believed that crimes must provide some pleasure to the criminal?


3 To deter crime, what Beccaria suggested?

Inflict pain on criminals in an appropriate amount

4 The writings and views of Beccaria formed the basis of?

Classical Criminology

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5 “Let the punishment fit the crime” was the famous notion of which part of century of human history?

18th and 19th Centuries

6 Who is called the founder/father of sociology?

Auguste Comte

7 “Human behavior is a function of forces beyond a person’s control” is one of the two principle ideas of which popular criminology theory?

Positivist Theory

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8 All human behaviors are biological oriented is the cored concept of?

Positivist Theory

9 What the phrase “manie sans delire” means?

Psychopathic personality

10 Who coined the phrase manie sans delire?

Philippe Pinel

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