Every Day Science MCQs Part VII

Every Day Science MCQs Part VII. Every Day Science MCQs Part VII. Every Day Science MCQs Part VII.

Every Day Science MCQs Part VII

1 What is the name of the force that pulls every object in the universe?


2 If the mass of the one of the attracting body is halved, the gravitational force will be


3 When we say that all motions in the universe are relative what we actually mean is that it is

Related to something else

4 Oxygen combines with other elements and produces what is called oxidation or burning. When oxidation is very quick what is it called?


5 At a certain temperature, water changes its shape and changes from liquid to solid. What s that temperature?

Zero Degree Centigrade (0 C)

6 The process that takes millions of years of convert rock into soil is called


7 Can you the substance that is present in earth crust but does not come from a living thing?


8 Silver is admittedly a soft metal. It is combined with some other metals to make it ideal for making jewellery and coins. What is that metal?


9 Sapphire is a gem. Its colour is


10 Many artificial fibre such as rayon, plastic and paper are made from


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