MCQs Of Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act 2013

31 Any party aggrieved of the decision of Ombudsman may file representation to President within how many days?

Thirty (30) days of the decision

32 In case of representation made to President, the order or decision of the Ombudsman remained suspended for how many days?

Sixty (60) days

33 For representation to the President, the aggrieve party shall addressed it directly to President and not to any other

Ministry, division or department

34 The representation in the office of President shall be processed by whom?

A judge of Supreme Court or a retired Wafaqi Muhtasib (Federal Ombudsman) or a retired Federal Tax Ombudsman

35 The representation shall be decided within how many days?

Ninety days

36 In representation, personal hearing of the President and Ombudsman are

Not necessary

37 The Ombudsman is bound to provide copies of the findings to parties free of cost within how many days of the finding.

Fifteen (15)

38 An Ombudsman is the chief executive and ________________ officer of the office.

Principal Accounting

39 Over a matter, which falls under the jurisdiction of Federal Ombudsman, does court or any other authority possess the power of jurisdiction.


40 Under the section 4 of the Act, an Ombudsman is not allowed to

Hold any other office or occupy any other position

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