MCQs On Glaciers

MCQs on glaciers. glacier questions and answers. MCQs on glacial landforms. Glacial landforms test. Mlutiple Choice Questions/MCQs on glaciers.

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MCQs On Glaciers

1 Which is the world biggest glacier?

Lambert Glacier in Antarctica

2 Which is the most famous glacier?

Perito Moreno Glacier

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3 What is the largest glacier in Asia?

Siachen Glacier

4 What is the world largest glacier?

Lambert Glacier

5 What is the longest non polar glacier in the world?

Fedchenko Glacier (Tajikistan)

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6 Which is the second largest non-polar glacier in the world?

Siachen Glacier (India/Pakistan)

7 What is the third longest non polar glacier in the world?

Biafo Glacier (Pakistan)

8 Which is largest glacier in world?

Lambert Glacier in Antarctica

9 What is the largest glacier in India?

Siachen Glacier

10 Which is the smallest glacier in the world?

Gem Glacier (USA)

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