Important MCQs About Muslim Scientists – 120 Basic MCQs

31 Aside from Chemistry, Jabir Ibn Hayyan also contributed to which field?


32 When was Jabir Ibn Hayyan died?

25th December 815 AD

33 Where was Jabir Ibn Hayyan passed away?

Kufa, Iraq

34 When was Abdul Ali Hassan Ibn Al Haitham born?

1st July 965 AD

35 Where was Ibn al Haytham born?

Basra, Iraq

36 What is the name of Ibnal Haitham’s most famous book

Kitab ul manazir

37 Ibnal Haitham described the nature of light and vision in which book?

Kitab ul Manazir

38 The function of human eye has been described for the first time in which book?

Kitab ul Manazir

39 Who elaborated for the first time the two laws of reflection of light?

Ibnal Haitham

40 Who invented Pinhole Camera?

Ibanl Haitham

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