Important MCQs About Muslim Scientists – 120 Basic MCQs

71 When was Nasir ud Din Muhammad Bin Hassan Tusi born?

995 AD

72 Where was Hassan Tusi born?

Tous, Iran

73 What was the full and real name of Hassan Tusi?

Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Hassan Tusi

74 Whose minister Tusi was?

Halaku Khan

75 Who developed the Tables of Khan?

Hassan Tusi

76 What the Tables of Khan are about?

Motion of Planets

77 When was Hassan Tusi passed away?

1067 AD

78 Where was Hassan Tusi died?

Najaf, Iraq

79 The other name of Hassan Tusi is

Shaykh al-Taʾifah or Shay’kh Tusi

80 When was Abdul Malik Asma’i born?

740 AD

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