Important MCQs About Muslim Scientists – 120 Basic MCQs

51 The decimal system, used today all over the world was introduced by

Musa Khwarizmi

52 For solving algebraic problems, geometrical constructions were used for the first time by

Musa Khwarizmi

53 When was Musa Khwarizmi passed away?

850 AD

54 Where was Musa Khwarzmi died?

Baghdad, Iraq

55 When was Abul Wafa Muhammad Al Buzjani born?

10th June 940 AD

56 Where was Al Buzjani born?

Buzjan, Iran

57 Al Buzjani contributed mainly to

Geometry and Trigonometry

58 Al Buzjani also noted and explained the movements of


59 When was Al Buzjani died?

July 15th , 998 AD

60 Where was Al Buzjani died?

Baghdad, Iraq

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