Important MCQs About Muslim Scientists – 120 Basic MCQs

61 When was Omar Al Khayyam born?

18th May, 1044 AD

62 Where was Al Khayyam born?

Nishapur, Iran

63 Who for the first time solved Binomial Theorem?

Omar Al Khayyam

64 Who introduced Jalali calendar?

Omar Al Khayyam

65 In how many total years, the Jalali Calendar has an error of one day?

3770 years

66 On whose invitation, Omar Al Khayyam had introduced the Jalali Calendar?

Sultan Jalal ud Din

67 Method for the accurate determination of specific gravity was also developed

Omar Al Khayyam

68 Which Muslim scientist is also famous for his poetry?

Omar Al Khayyam

69 Who translated Omar Al Khayyam’s poetry?


70 When was Omar al Khayyam died?

December 4th, 1131 AD

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