Kartarpur Corridor Analysis

The post explains “Kartarpur Corridor analysis. A detail analysis of Kartarpur Corridor project. Kartarpur Corridor economic benefits and religious significance.”

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Kartarpur Corridor Analysis

On November 28, 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan laid the foundation stone of Kartarpur Corridor project. The corridor will connect Dera Baba Nanak Sahib shrine, located in Indian Punjab, with Gurdawra Darbar Sahib located in Kartarpur area of the Punjab on Pakistan side. Proposal of the construction of corridor was on table since 1998 but due to tense relations between the two neighboring states, no practical step was ever taken by either side of the states.  A major development in this regard however came into being when the government of Pakistan under the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to open the corridor on the 550th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion.

Kartarpur Corridor Analysis

Kartarpur Corridor Analysis

The construction of the corridor will be completed in two phases. In the first phase, which will be completed before November 2019, the construction of an 800 meters long bridge over the Ravi River, boarding terminal near the border, accommodation facility for 10,000 pilgrims and the arrangement of transportation shuttles included. In second phase of the project more hotels and accommodation facilities especially for pilgrims holding visas plus a 300 meters long track, starting from border to gurdwara will be constructed.

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Pakistan’s decision of the construction of corridor has been highly appreciated and welcomed throughout the world. It is believed that the project will help in melting ice between the two states’ relations but this is not the only benefit that we should expect from this project.

Goodwill Gesture

In a time where Pakistan has been blamed all over the world for terrorism and minority and women rights issues, such a move of Pakistan government will not only improve her image but it will also ameliorate the relations between the two immediate neighbors.

People To People Contact

Due to visa free movement of Sikh religious devotees across the border, the corridor will help in building people to people bond. Such a connection between the people of two countries will help in keeping smooth relations between the two states.

Overvalue Pakistani Rupee

There are high chances that the value of Pakistani rupees in exchange market will improve with the opening of this corridor. The value of currency of a country depends upon many factors including the rate of its exchange in the exchange market. It is believed that the visa free system will increase the total number of visit of Sikh devotees across the border. This increase in the total number of devotees will also increase the total volume of exchange of Pakistani rupee in the currency market, which will ultimately effect the value of the currency.

Business Growth

The corridor will also put its little share in the growth and development of business opportunities in Pakistan. In the second phase of the development of project the construction of hotels and other accommodation facilities for the pilgrims have also been planned. Though such constructions and businesses will have no major effects on our economy, yet it is a good start towards a prosperous future.

Jobs Creation

With the construction of hotels and development of other business opportunities, there are good chances of job creations especially for the local people.

Though the free movement of people across the border will increase security concerns especially of Pakistan but expected benefits of the project for Pakistan superseded these concerns. Let us hope that Kartarpur Corridor project may prove a milestone for a better and prosperous future of people of both the countries.

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