Keyboard Shortcut Keys MCQs

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Keyboard Shortcut Keys MCQs

1 Shortcut Key for left alignment of the text is

Ctrl + L

2 Shortcut Key for rectangular selection is

Ctrl + Shift + F8

3 Shortcut key for moving cursor one word right is

Ctrl + Right Arrow

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4 To move one word left shortcut key is

Ctrl + Left Arrow

5 Short key to move to the end of the line is

End key

6 Short key for moving cursor one page down is

Ctrl + Page Down

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7 To move cursor one paragraph down, short key is

Ctrl + Down Arrow

8 To mover cursor one screen up, short key is

Page Up

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9 Short key for moving one screen down is

Page Down

10 To mover cursor one page up, short key is

Ctrl + Page Up

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