MCQs About FATA Merger

MCQs about FATA merger. Multiple Choice Questions about Federally Administered Tribal Areas merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. FATA merger date. MCQs about FATA merger.

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MCQs About FATA Merger

1 What is the full form of FATA?

Federally Administered Tribal Areas

2 What PATA means?

Provincially Administered Tribal Areas

3 How many Tribal Agencies were included in FATA?


4 How many frontier regions fell under the domain of former FATA?


5 What is FCR?

Frontier Crimes Regulations

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6 When FATA was merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

31st May 2018

7 When was FATA established?

14 August 1947

8 Through which constitutional amendment FATA was merged in Khyber Pakhtonkhwa?

25th Amendment

9 When National Assembly of Pakistan voted in favor FATA merger?

24th May 2018

10 President signed 25th Amendment on

31st May 2018

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