MCQs About Mountain Ranges in Pakistan

41 Nanga Parbat means

Naked Mountain

42 The first Pakistani who climbed K-2 is

Ashraf Aman

43 What is the number of total Peaks in Pakistan that are higher than 8000 meters?

Five (5)

44 The height of Broad Peak is

8047 meters

45 The first person who climbed the Nanga Parbat was

Harman Buhi

46  Broad Peak was first climbed in


47 In which area of Pakistan, Broad Peak is located?


48 Total number of peaks in Pakistan that are higher than 7000 meters are


49 What is the other name of Gashebrum I peak?

Hidden Peak

50 ‘‘The place where heaven and earth meet’’ these words are said about which place?


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