Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Services

The post is about “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Services and his books. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan educational and political services for Muslims. Aligarh movement and Two Nation theory.”

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Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Services

In 19th century the Muslim community of Subcontinent produced a number of important reformers, scholars and leaders who with their sincere services tried to help Muslims regain their lost dignity and important status in the society. One such important scholar was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who delivered his services in the field of education for the uplift of Muslims of United India.

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Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Services

Early Life

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was born on October 17, 1817 in Delhi. He began his services in government as a cleric in 1839 but soon qualified for the post of Munsif (Sub-Judge) in 1841 and was posted in Fatehpur Sikri. In 1877, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was appointed as a member of Imperial Council and in 1888, he was raised to Knighthood. In 1886, the University of Edinburg conferred a degree of L.L.D on him.  

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Books

During his lifetime Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrote a number of books. A list of his important books and journal is given below.

  • Asar-us-Sanadid in 1847
  • Ain-i-Akbari by Abu-al-Fazal
  • History of Bijnaur in 1855
  • Rasala-i-Asbab-Baghawat-i-Hind
  • Khutbat-i-Ahmadiya
  • Tabaeen-al-Kalam
  • Tahzib-ul-Akhlaq
  • Ahkam-i-Ta’am-i-Ahle-Kitab

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Educational Services

For the educational uplift of Muslims, Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan rendered a number of valuable services in the form of Aligarh Movement. A detail note about his educational services is available here.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Political Services

Though Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had forbidden Muslims from taking part in active politics but however he himself was working in this filed too for the welfare of Muslims. After observing the prejudicial attitude of English who were believing Muslims sole responsible for the 1857 war of independence, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan wrote a magazine on the causes of revolt with the name of Risala-i-Asbab-i-Baghawat-i-Hind in which he hold other communities as equally responsible as Muslims. In the magazine he highlighted the following reasons for the outbreak of war.

  • Non-representation of Indians in the legislative councils
  • Forcible conversion of Indians into Christianity
  • Mismanagement of British Indian army
  • Other atrocities of the government

It was because of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan criticism in this magazine, the British government formulated Indian Legislative Council Act in 1861. To resolve British and Muslims relations Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan established Indian Patriotic Association and British Indian Association in 1866.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan And Two Nation Theory

Speaking at the meeting of Indian Association, Sir Syed Ahmed said

“I look to both Hindus and Muslims with the same eyes and considered them as my own eyes.”

However the ever increasing prejudicial attitude of Congress and Urdu-Hindi Controversy changed his opinion altogether and he gave his famous Two Nation Theory. He used Two Nations for Hindus and Muslims for the first time in 1868.  

It was because of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan valuable services that Muslims of India not only regain their lost status in society but also became able to take active part in politics. The Aligarh Movement of Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan enabled Muslims to form a political platform and finally demanded the establishment of Pakistan.

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