Origin And Importance Of Two Nation Theory

The post explains “Origin and Importance of Two Nation Theory and its founder or father. The ideology of Pakistan and Two Nation Theory. The history of theory and Quaid e azam.”

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Origin And Importance Of Two Nation Theory

Two Nation Theory was the single most important fact that gave shape to Pakistan Movement and finally led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947.  The theory stated that Hindu and Muslims are two separate nations with distinct social, political and cultural values and therefore cannot be merged in one another.

Origin And Importance Of Two Nation Theory

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Origin And Father Of The Two Nation Theory

For centuries under Muslims rule over united India most of the Muslim political leaders including Sir Syed Ahmed Khan considered both Hindus and Muslims as one nation with religious beliefs. But after the establishment British rule in Subcontinent in mid of Nineteenth century everything changed. Britains’ under their policy of “Divide and Rule” policy began supporting and siding Hindus in all social and political matters of the country merely due to their large number in the society. Seizing the opportunity Hindus in collaboration with Britishers began establishing their dominance over Muslims, the major minority group of Subcontinent.

Objectives Behind The Creation Of Pakistan

A direct political rift between Hindus and Muslims emerged especially in 1867, when some extremist Hindu leaders of Benaras demanded the replacement of Urdu with Hindi as an official language of the Subcontinent. Matter of concern for Muslims especially their leaders was not only the replacement of Urdu which was the language of Muslims of the Subcontinent but that Urdu was  the official language of United India for centuries and now under the patronage of British Crown Hindus were revealing their real prejudicial face.

Hindi-Urdu Controversy of 1867 was not the only driving force behind the creation of Two Nation Theory. By that time Hindu political leaders in the name of equal rights and opportunities for all Indian were working only for social, political and economic welfare of their Hindus brethren.   

Impacts Of Islam in India

All these biased actions and prejudicial behavior of Hindus not only disappointed but convinced Sir Syed Ahmed Khan that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations with distinct social, political and religious values and therefore they cannot become one nation. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan therefore used the term Two Nation for Hindu and Muslims in 1868 for the first time and gave his famous Two Nation Theory which became the basis of Pakistan Movement.

Role Of Mujaddid Alf Sani in Two Nation Theory

Ideology Of Pakistan And Two Nation Theory

Two Nation Theory not only became the core idea of Pakistan Movement but it also act as a driving force for the Muslims of Subcontinent who enthusiastically joined the movement within no time. It was because of this strong belief in Two Nation Theory Muslims of Subcontinent did not distracted even for a short time from their aim of creation of Pakistan. In short Two Nation Theory acted as a corner stone for Pakistan Movement and its creation.   

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