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This post will help you to know “Who was Mujaddid Alf Sani /Second Mujaddid? Revival of Islam. Mujaddid Alf Sani family tree, his books, teachings, mazar and urs.”

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Services Of Mujaddid Alf Sani CSS

Mujaddid Alf Sani was a Muslim reformist of 17th century. Akbar’s Din-i-illahi and his non-Islamic activities and ideas had greatly affected the religious beliefs of common Muslims. It was a time when due to Akbar’s illogical liberal policies Hinduism was ready to consume Islam and assimilated it and its teachings as its part, Allah saved Muslims and their faith through the revival services of Mujaddid Alf Sani.

Services Of Mujaddid Alf Sani

Who Was Mujaddid Alf Sani /Second Mujaddid?

Mujaddid Alf Sani was the first Muslim reformists of the second millennium as per Islamic calendar. His real name was Sheikh Ahmed and was born on June 26, 1564 at Sirhind which was the capital of Eastern Punjab during Mughal rule over India. Sheikh Ahmed father, Sheikh Abd al Ahad was a prominent Sufi and scholar of his time.

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Mujaddid Alf Sani Family Tree

Being a descendent of second pious Caliph Hazrat Umar Ibn Al Khitab Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi was also sometimes called as “Farooqi”. The detail of Mujaddid Alf Sani family tree shows that he was among descendants of Abdullah (RA) the son of Umar Ibn al Khitab (RA).

A Short Note On Din i illahi

Education Of Mujaddid Alf Sani                     

Muajddid Alf Sani received his early education from most prominent and learned scholars of Sialkot and Sirhind. After receivinh his early education he travelled from place to place to quench his thirst for mystical knowledge.

Discipleship Of Khawaja Baqi Billah

His wandering for more mystical knowledge brought him to the discipleship of Khawaja Baqi Billah, a prominent Muslim scholar of his time. Sheikh Ahmed received spiritual knowledge from Baqi Billah who bestowed Khilafat soon on Sheikh Ahmed after he joined his discipleship.

Muajaddid Alf Sani Revival Of Islam

By 1604, the trembling conditions of Muslim society forced Sheikh Ahmed to come forward and play his due role in the revival of Islam and bringing spiritual peace and stability to lives of Muslims of Subcontinent. In this regard he performed the following functions.

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1 Ittibat-i-Sunnah

The ulema and theologians of those days had ceased to refer to Sunnah in their sermons and commentaries. They had openly negated Sunnah as being the primary source of Muslims law. To denounce this idea, Sheikh Ahmed prepared and send a number of disciples to different parts of the Subcontinent and asked them to emphasis on Ittibat-i-Sunnah as equally as Quran being the primary source of Shariah.

2 Revival Of Islamic Teachings

Akbar’s Din.i-illahi and a wide spread concept of karamat in those days had greatly affected the basic beliefs and teachings of Islam. Sheikh Ahmed worked hard to restore the original teachings of Islam and emphasis on the concept of Tauheed (Oneness of God).

3 Mujaddid Alf Thani and Din-i-illahi

Sheikh Ahmed not only exposed the fallacy of Din-i-illahi but also developed many strategies to curb the influence of this satanic creed.

4 Mujaddid Alf Sani And Concept Of Wahda-ul-Shahud

Due to Akbar’s liberal approach in religious matters some religious persons to please Akbar developed the philosophy of “Wahdat-ul-Wajud”. The followers of this idea believed that there was no living difference between Man and his creator God.

To negate this philosophy Sheikh Ahmed presented his theory of “Wahdat-ul-Shahud” which argued that creator and creatures were two separate and distinct entities.

Mujaddid Alf Sani And Akbar

Mujaddid Alf Sani openly negated all liberal policies of Mughula emperor Akbar. He exposed the fallacy of Akbar’s self-designed religion Din-i-illahi on people and urged them not to follow the non-Islamic rules of Akbar.

Emphasis On Namaz And Fasting

Sheikh Ahmed strongly emphasized on the performance of Namaz and adherence to Fasting. As per Sheikh Ahmed Namaz keeps our faith alive and Fasting protects us from sins.

Mujaddid Alf Sani Books

The famous book of Mujaddid Alf Sani is “Isbat-un-Nabuwwat” (Affirmation of prophethood) in which Sheikh Ahmed has excellently explained the institution of prophethood.

 Another book of Mujaddid Alf Sani is called “Muktubat-e-Imam Rabbani” which is a collection of Sheikh Ahmed letters that he had written to leading nobles of his time.

Mujaddid Alf Sani Letters

Muajaddid Alf Sani during his life time wrote a number of letters to the leading nobles of his time persuading them to adhere to the true principles of Islam while conducting any affair in royal court. Some of these nobles include Sheikh Farid, Khan-i-Azam, Sadr-i-Jehan and Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khana. Sheikh Ahmed these letters are called “Muktubat-e-Imam Rabbani”.

Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi Imprisoned

On allegation of Asaf Jahn, Jehangir’s court Prime Minister that Sheikh Ahmed is creating unrest in society, Jehangir called Mujadid Alf Sani in his royal court to explain his statement. Sheikh Ahmed appeared in royal court in dignified manner and confidently explained his view. Someone in court pointed out to Jehangir that Mujaddid Alf Sani did not prostrate before the king, Jehangir. When Sheikh Ahmed was asked to do so, he refused bluntly by saying that Sajjdah was only due to Almighty God. On this Jehangir infuriated and he imprisoned Sheikh Ahmed in the court of Gawaliar for two years.

Sheikh Ahmed And Two Nation Theory

Some Muslim scholars of Sheikh Ahmed era in order to popularize Islam adopted a liberal approach in their teachings. They however succeeded in their strategy to some extent but at the same time liberal approach gave strength to the concept of joint nationalism. This concept greatly injured the separate and distinct national image of Muslims. It is believed that Muslim society in India would have consumed in Hindu society long ago if Mujaddid Alf Thani had not revived Islam in Subcontinent. Due to this reason Sheikh Ahmed is called the first father Two Nation Theory and Pakistan Movement.

Influence Of Mujaddid Alf Thani Efforts

Sheikh Ahmed through his sincere efforts purified Muslim society of unethical religious beliefs and practices. It was because of Mujaddid Alf Thani preaching’s that Jehangir ordered Khuttaba (sermon) to be receited and cow slaughter to be carried out as required by Islamic principles. Jehangir also agreed to the construction of a big mosque on the advice of Mujadid Alf Sani.

Mujaddid Alf Sani Mazar

Mujadid Alf Sani passed away on December 10, 1624 at the age of sixty and was buried in Sirhind.

Mujaddid Alf Sani Urs

The annual urs of Mujadid Alf Sani is held every year in the month of March at Sirhind, southern Punjab, India.

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