Comparison Between Deoband And Aligarh Movement

The article is about “Comparison between Deoband and Aligarh Movement. Difference between Deoband and Aligarh. Comparison between Deoband Movement and Aligarh Movement.”

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Comparison Between Deoband And Aligarh Movement

Both Deoband and Aligarh were educational movements that aimed at providing basic education to the Muslims of Subcontinent. Both movements rendered great services in the education and uplift of Muslims of India. They achieved what they were built for.

Though both movements and institutions built by them were for the educational uplift of Muslims of the Subcontinent but there were some differences between them, both in their structure and working procedure. To understand and compare them we will have to look into the following important points.

comparison between deoband and aligarh movement

Deoband Movement And Its Impacts

Objectives Of Deoband And Aligarh Movement

Some of the main objectives of Deoband Movement are given below.

  1. The objective of Tehreeke Deoband was to impart religious education to Muslims of the Subcontinent.
  2. British after establishing its rule in Subcontinent had started converting weak and poor people of the Subcontinent to Christianity. Deoband Movement aimed at facing this and other similar challenges to protect Muslims and their beliefs.  
  3. Another objective of Deoband Movement was to act as a custodian of Islam and Islamic principles in Subcontinent.
  4. Guiding Muslims in religious affairs was also an objective of Tehrik i Deoband.

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Some of the main objectives of Aligarh Movement are listed below.

  1. Aligarh Movement aimed at imparting Western modern education to Muslims of the Subcontinent.
  2. Another objective of Aligarh Movement was the translation of modern and western knowledge to Urdu and Persian languages to make it easy for Muslims to understand.
  3. After establishing rule in Subcontinent, British have targeted Muslims particularly due to their fear that Muslims may not retake rule of Subcontinent from them. They also considered Muslims sole responsible for the independence war of 1857. To change British opinion about Muslims and to bring both British and Muslims close together was also an objective of Aligarh movement.
  4. To stop British atrocities over Muslims, Aligarh Movement also tried to ensure them that Muslims are not their enemy.
  5. Aligarh movement also tried to secure seats for Muslims in government services. 

Efforts For The Renaissance Of Muslims Rule in Subcontinent

Approach Towards British Raj

aligarh movement

From very beginning Deoband Movement worked against British Raj. They considered British their worst enemy due to British atrocities over Muslims. The movement never established friendly relations with British Raj and its members, both teachers and students, remained very active in every movement that was against British rule in India.

On the other hand Aligarh Movement worked in collaboration with British. To benefit Muslims from British rule and rehabilitate their social, political and economic status, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan considered reconciliation with British as best policy option.

The anti British attitude was a marked feature of Deoband whereas Aligarh followed the policy of cooperation with the British. Due to different approaches towards British Raj, Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanautavi remained in controversy with Sir Syed Ahmed Khan throughout his life.

Pattern Of Education Followed by Deoband And Aligarh Movement

deoband movement and its impacts

Deoband Movement laid great stress on imparting Islamic education to its students. It followed the pattern of Madrasa Rahimyia, built by Shah Waliullah father Shah Abdur Rahim, in the teaching of Quran, Hadith, Tafsir, Islamic Jurisprudence and other disciplines. Soon after its establishment Deoband Madrasa became the centre of Islamic learning and education in South Asia.

Aligarh Movement on the other hand pursued Western education system. It laid great stress on receiving modern western education. For this purpose Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established Scientific Society that used to translate western knowledge and books into Urdu, Persian and other languages so that Muslims could easily understand them. Due to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and other members’ sincere efforts Muhammadan Anglo Oriental (M. A. O.) College soon became the centre of English learning and other modern knowledge.    


Both Aligarh and Deoband Movement played an important role in the education and uplifting of Muslim community in the Subcontinent. Each educational institution, built by the two movements, imparted education to students that not only produced great scholars but also great leaders who later on serve Muslims interests in the Subcontinent.

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