Every Day Science MCQs Part VI

31 Absolute Zero is

Theoretically the lowest possible temperature

32 Superphotonic speed is the speed

More than light

33 When your carpet gets dirty or dusty, you generally clean it with a stick. Scientifically, this action of yours is explained is explained by using one of Newton’s Laws of Motion. Which law can you explained is involved in the act?

Newton’s First Law of Motion

34 If the air temperature is lower than that of body temperature heat is lost chiefly by

Radiation and Convection

35 Generally the approximate limit of visible spectrum is

4000 to 7000 A

36 Drugs used to relieve pain are


37 The scientist who first recognized and named the nucleus was

Robert Brown

38 Which ray has the shortest wavelength?

Gamma ray

39 In a green plant nitrates are used in the production of


40 Secretion of bile does not contain


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