Every Day Science MCQs Part VI

71 You may have observed on occasions a deposit of ice crystals on surface of objects near the ground. It happens when water vapour in the atmosphere solidifies without first passing through the liquid state. What is it called?

Hoar Frost

72 Helium is an inert gas discovered by chance in 1868 by

Norman Lockyer

73 The property of a body that is independent of its position in the universe is


74 The most characteristic property of a liquid is

Volume conservation

75 Habits and conditioned reflexes are alike in that both

Are learned responses

76 The hormone insulin which is used in treating in diabetes was discovered by

Banting and Best

77 An instrument used to compare the intensities of two light sources is called

A photometer

78 Ball pen function on the principle of

Surface tension

79 The usual way of propagating Banana is

By root cutting

80 The ear contain receptors which are sensitive to sound vibration in the air between the frequencies of

20 per second to 20,000 per second

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