Every Day Science MCQs Part VI

91 As an individual’s arteries harden, his blood pressure usually


92 As the amount of starch produced by a plant increases, the amount of chlorophyll in the leaf generally

Remains the same

93 Marine chromometers are used in determining


94 Small liquid drops assume spherical shape because

The liquid tends to have minimum surface area due to surface tension

95 Yeast is added to dough for making bread. Yeast is added because

It produces Carbon Dioxide which makes the dough rise

96 If the cerebellum of a pigeon is destroyed, the pigeon would not be able

To fly

97 Electrons can be accelerated to very high energies by means of


98 A fusion reaction is initiated by

Very high temperature

99 A heap of oil clothes may catch fire without the presence of flame. Can you say why?

Oil in clothes undergoes oxidation resulting in heat which if allowed to accumulate may burst to fire

100 If two smoother surfaces come into contact, friction would be


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