Human Inventions Move The Societies Backward

The article discusses “Human inventions move the societies backward. Does progress exists? Are we really progressing? Inventions that changed the world and our lives. Human inventions move the societies backward.”

Human Inventions Move The Societies Backward

human inventions move the societies backward

Curiosity and aspiration for the development and invention of new things is in the nature of human beings. The invention of wheel by Mesopotamian civilization, some 4500 – 5000 years ago, led to an unending process of technological revolution that is still going on. Today with each passing day we see new development and discoveries. Whereas it is widely believed that only human creations have made human progress possible to this day others believe the other way. The latter group argued that human inventions have always moved the societies backward. In support of their argument they present the following rationales.

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With each new invention we are making changes to our life style and surrounding that our body usually do not accept readily. This is because our surrounding experienced a sudden change without going through the process of evolution. In such case the new creations often left negative impacts both on us and on our society.

“Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards”

Similarly with new creations we have just changed the way of fulfilling our needs. Alternatively we can say we have made it more complicated than ever before to achieve what we were achieving before automatically.

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Likewise appliances such as mobile phones, laptop and calculators were invented to make communication and calculation easy. Though they did their job well but they also has created a difficult situation for human beings as well. Today through mobile phones people may be in regular contact with one another but in reality it has widened distances among people virtually. Similarly calculator may have made calculation very easy but it also has devastating effects on humans’ natural ability of calculation in one way or another.

The great English author, Aldous Huxley, once said that “technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.” Social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were invented to foster social interaction among people. They did well what they were built for, but at the same time they have also led to an increased isolation in society especially among closed friends and family members.

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In the same way vaccine, drugs and ointment were developed to overcome diseases and to save millions of useful lives. The goal was successfully achieved in the beginning but later the regular use of drugs and antibiotics transformed viruses and today we are facing more fatal viral attacks and diseases. Similarly the invention of deadly weapons have also increased mortality rate. So we, in a way, are moving back in time. Today more people are dying either due to viral infections or due to the use of deadly weapons by terrorist groups or civil war than ever before.

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The new modified form of seeds, different types of fertilizer and pesticides have increased crop production worldwide. With their use we should have eliminate hunger and acute shortage of food by now globally but unfortunately this is not the case. As per World Health Organization (WHO) statistics nearly 900 million people are facing an acute shortage of food worldwide and their number is increasing with each passing year. One of the major reasons of increased hunger and acute shortage of food is the rise in drought which is caused mainly by global warming.  

What this entire means? Should we give up inventions? No, we should keep inventing new things but by keeping mind the Point Zero, the point from where human beings began life on earth. We should invent those things that should really move us forward from Point Zero and do not only change the way of achieving things.


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