Islamic Beliefs And Its Impact on Individual And Society

The article discusses “Islamic beliefs and its impact on individual and society. Islamic belief and practices. Islamic Studies CSS Notes. Islamic beliefs and its impact on individual and society.”

Islamic beliefs are six in numbers. These are; i) belief in Allah ii) Angels iii) Holy Books iv) Messengers v) Akhira vi) and Taqdir. They have been beautifully outlined in Iman-e-Mufasil in these terms “I believe in Allah, His Angels, His Books, His Messengers, the Last Day and in Taqdir (Predestination), that all good and bad is from Allah the Most High and and I believe in the resurrection after death.”  These are not just beliefs, they are the guiding principles for life. They have deep and direct impacts on the lives of Muslims both individually and collectively. Some impacts of Islamic beliefs on individual and society have been discussed in below paragraphs.

The Fundamentals Of Islam


Islamic Beliefs Impacts on Individual

On an individual Islamic Beliefs have the following impacts.

The Concept Of Islam

The concept of Tauheed (Oneness of Allah) and belief in Allah freed an individual from the servitude of false idols. It develops self esteem and dignity in him. It disclosed on him his true status in this world which is khalifa-tu-llah (subordinate of Allah Almighty). It also let him know who to pray and ask for help in the time of need.

Along with dignity and self esteem the concept of Tauheed also develops simplicity and modesty in people. This is because believer of Tauheed knows that what he has and what he can do, all are bestows of Allah Almighty upon him. So if He can give, He can take it back too.

The Importance Of Deen in Human Life

Belief in Angels clear some important points like they are not gods and they cannot benefit or harm anyone unless Allah wants to do so. Similarly being creature, Angels are subordinate of Allah and they are bound to perform certain duties. One of the most important duties is recording our deeds. This belief keeps an individual away from going near the evils.

Belief in Holy Books and Messengers mean that Allah Almighty for the guidance of human beings has sent Prophets from time to time. To convey His commands verbally Allah Almighty also bestowed Holy Books upon some of His Messengers. Today except Holy Quran all other divine books have undergone major changes of human intervention and so they are not present in their original form. But still belief in them is part of faith. This belief asked us to be sure that Islam has completed and no more messengers will come till the Day of Judgement, like the Holy Quran says

“Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things.”

Islamic Worships Spiritual Moral And Social Impact

For an individual, belief in the Day of Judgement (Last Day) means that this life is not eternal. We all have to leave this world one day and in the after world we will be asked for our deeds. This concept makes him/her more concerned about the life after death than this world. The person therefore tries to keep himself away from bad deeds and behave according to the will of Allah Almighty.

Belief in Taqdir means that anything that happens in our lives is predestined. We therefore should not blame ourselves or any other person for anything bad happen in our lives and vice versa. This concept creates a firm belief in individual that everything that occurs in life is from Allah and therefore we cannot change it or escape from it. We therefore should always believe in Allah because He has always planned good for us.

Islamic Beliefs Impact on Society

Overall Islamic beliefs help in the development of a peaceful, prosperous society. Such society is free of all type of evil and crimes because every member of the society behaves responsibly. Similarly in an Islamic society law, derived from Islamic inunctions, is above all. It provides safety to life, property and dignity of every member of the society. Every member of the society also acts as the guardian of Islamic injunctions.

An Islamic society works for the welfare of all human beings. It tries to develop a global system of equality and equity. Islamic beliefs eliminate distinction among people on the basis of colour, language and nationality. It provides equal chance of progress and development to every single member of human family.

It is difficult to confine all the impacts of Islamic beliefs on an individual and society in a few lines. We however have tried our best to point out the most important and common impacts of Islamic beliefs on an individual and society in above paragraphs.


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