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The Leadership A Country Needed

The overall performance of a state depends upon the type of leadership that runs it. If the leadership possesses good qualities, the state and its people prosper otherwise people live meager lives and the state faces many challenges. Today most of the Third World countries, including Pakistan, faces the problem of lack of competent leadership. The reason behind this problem is the lack of qualities of a competent leader in the leadership of Pakistan and other similar countries. There are some standards, the presence of which in a person makes him a competent leader. Some of these standards have been pointed out in below paragraphs.

The Leadership A Country Needed

Selflessness: Selflessness means the quality of being thoughtful of the needs of others more than one’s own. Generally people and particularly leaders desire for power and authority merely to fulfill own needs and materialized own objectives and dreams. But if a leader has no selfish objectives in acquiring the power and office of the authority, only then he can become a perfect leader. The characteristic of selflessness makes him thoughtful of the needs of his fellow citizens in the first place and he misses no chance to get his people and country out of troubled conditions.

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Trustworthiness: This characteristic falls under the category of selflessness. Trustworthiness required that the person, who wants to become leader, must have such reputation in the society that he can be trusted with the duty of leadership. Trustworthiness is important because people, when elect a person as their leader, actually put their trust in him. People trust that their leaders will not deceive them in any affair of the national level and that their leaders will take every action in national interest not in their personal interests.

Truthful: The leader must also have the quality of truthfulness. Truthfulness affects the actions of a leader. If a leader is truthful, his actions and sayings will match otherwise will not. If a leader possesses the above two qualities, Selflessness and Trustworthiness, the quality of truthfulness will come itself in him. Truthfulness of a leader is also important because if a person cannot speak truth how can he be trustworthy and selfless?

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Mettlesomeness: For a leader it is also necessary that he must possess the quality of mettlesomeness. If a leader cannot take active decisions and actions in tense circumstances, how can he lead his country? It is therefore necessary that the leaders must be mettlesome because only brave and fearless leadership can take bold steps for the uplift and development of his fellowmen and state. This quality is the mostly needed character for a leader especially in today’s world affairs because of the interlinked nature of the objectives of all the states of the modern world.

Determination: For a leader it is also necessary that not only he face the problems fearlessly but he must also have the guts to stay determined to his objectives. The quality of determination and firmness not only strengthen the talent of leadership in a person but it also makes general public, fan of their leader. If a leader lacks the characteristic of determination, he cannot achieve what he claims of. Such leaders often changes its objectives and even most of the time fall back from his statement and commitment due to one or another reasons.

Sagaciousness: Another important characteristic of good leadership is sagaciousness. This characteristic demands that the leaders must not only have the quality to deal wisely with every affair of the state but also not let emotions lead their actions and decisions. Sometimes leaders have to take such decisions that apparently seem totally against the human emotions and principles of humanity. In such case only a sagacious leader, a leader whose emotions not control his actions, can took proper decision and action. Sometimes leaders have to sacrifice small benefit for major objectives but only a wise enough leader can took such decisions properly. All these arguments indicates that a leader must possesses the quality of sagaciousness

Visionary: This is the characteristic that distinguished a particular leader from all his fellow leaders. Only a visionary leader can achieve success in real terms because if a leader has no objectives and vision of tomorrow, he cannot lead the country properly. A country without a visionary leader is like a ship in ocean without any determined destination. It is vision that allures a leader and his followers to struggle in a particular direction to achieve their goals.

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Strategic And Tactful: How wisely and tactfully a leader deals an unpleasant event in the country, defines his leadership qualities. Devising a successful strategy and its effective implementation are the two most important characteristics of a competent leader.

Team-worker: Another characteristic of good leadership is team work. A competent leader not only hears the views and ideas of his subordinates but he also takes them and all other leaders of the country on board while making a decision and executing an action of national interest.

Law Abider: Another very important characteristic of competent leadership is that a competent leader must always be law abider. A person can only order others to follow the law if he himself is law follower and works within the limits of law. Law abidance of leader is necessary because only a law abider leader can held other leaders accountable for their unlawful actions and prosecute their accountability.

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