Failure Of Democracy in Pakistan Essay CSS

The essay explains “Failure of democracy in Pakistan essay CSS. Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan. Failure of democracy in Pakistan essay CSS.”

Economic Challenges of Pakistan CSS

Failure Of Democracy in Pakistan Essay CSS

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” – Thomas Jefferson

Civil-military relations in Pakistan CSS

failure of democracy in pakistan


What is democracy?

  • Free and fair elections
  • Role of media
  • Education
  • Role of the judiciary
  • Freedom of expression
  • Religious freedom and Tolerance

Democracy and Pakistan

  • Experienced different forms of government since independence like; Parliamentary, Presidential, martial law and democracy.
  • Before election all political leaders promise they will work for the welfare of the state and its people.

Ethnic Issues And National Integration in Pakistan CSS

Causes of failure of democracy in Pakistan

  • Lack of democratic norms – true democratic norms could not prevail due to internal political clashes and conflicts among ruling parties. They find little interest in the development and progress of the genuine democratic norms and behaviours in this democratically deprived country.
  • Role of political parties – politicians adopt authoritarian policies and attitudes rather than encouraging and promoting democratic values, policies, behaviours, rule of law and tolerance for opposition parties. MCQs Test Online
  • Weak state institutions – due to political turmoil state institutions couldn’t progress. Biased role of Judiciary and Election Commission.
  • Lack of elections credibility – Free, fair and regular elections are the real essence of true democracy. However, the record of Pakistan’s elections in this regard is a bit poor.
  • Communication gap – Political leaders come in public to get votes but once they came in power, they try keeping themselves at distance from common citizens.
  • Populism – People support and follow persons, not their ideology and work.
  • Incompetent politicians – they are so incompetent that their policies keep failing.
  • Bureaucracy – has always remained an obstacle. Neither in favour of giving power to anyone nor is ready to become responsible to anyone.
  • Lack of accountability – corrupt politicians always get away accountability.

Education System in Pakistan Issues And Problems


  • Empowerment of government institutions
  • Free, fair and timely elections
  • Cooperation between civil-military leadership
  • Education is important to bring awareness
  • Accountability


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