MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part I

41 The year in which “Zamakhshari” died is

538 AH

42 In which year “Baidawi” passed away?

685 AH

43 “Imam Ghazzali” died in the year

504 AH

44 What is “Tafsir-i-Ahmadi”?


45 What “Tafsir-i-Ahmadi” actually contains?

Rules of law

46 Root is the literal meaning of what?


47 The literal meaning of “Branches” is


48 The science of Usul corresponds to which Jurisprudence?

European Jurisprudence

49 When did “Abu Bakar Jassasur Razi” passed away?

370 AH

50 When “Fakhrul Islam Bazdawi”?

562 AH

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