MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part I

11 Abu Yusuf and Muhammad were the prominent disciples of

Abu Hanifa

12 Abu Yusuf acted as the ______ of Baghdad for a long time.

Chief Qazi

13 When was Imam Malik Ibn Anas born?

95 AH

14 Who was traditionalist and jurist?

Imam Malik IbnAnas

15 The Moors of Spain belonged to whom?

Maliki School

16  After Imam Abu Hanifa’s death for how many years Imam Malik lived?

29 Years

17 Who authored “Al Muwatta”?

Imam Malik Ibn Anas

18 Who added ‘Istadlal’ as the fifth source of law?

Imam Malik

19 Who in case of Traditions and analogy had adopted a middle course between Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Malik Ibn Anas?

Imam Shafei

20 Who allowed greater scope to Ijma than Imam Malik Ibn Anas?

Imam Shafei

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