MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part I

31 How many traditions “Imam Bukhari” book contains?

7,000 Traditions

32 In which year “Imam Bukhari” passed away?

256 AH

33 Muslim Ibn ul Hajjaj of Neshapur is commonly known as


34 “Muslim” died in which Hijrah?

261 AH

35 “Tirmidhi” died in the year of

279 AH

36 When did “Abu Daud” died?

275 AH

37 In which Hijrah “Ibn Maja” died?

273 AH

38 “Nisai” died in the year of

303 AH

39 “Imam Bukhari” was strongly opposed to the doctrines of whom?

Imam Abu Hanifa

40 In which year “Tabari” died?

310 AH

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