MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part I

71 Fiqh is the Muhammadan Science of which law?

Material Law

72 How many kinds “Revelation” has?

Two Kinds

73 Who do not accept the doctrine of Taqlid?

Ahlul Hadith

74 Who makes the extensive use of Traditions?

Ahlul Hadith

75 Ijam and Analogy are accepted as the sources of law by

Ahlul Hadith

76 Who gave Imam a literal and narrow interpretation to Traditions?

Ahmad Ibn Hanbal

77 “Imam Bukhari” was chief of Imams of


78 Who was the pioneer of Traditions collection?

Imam Bukhari

79 Which school considered “Imam Bukhari’s” collection as the most authoritative?

Sunni School

80 “Al Hedaya” is the foremost textbook on which law?

Hanafi law

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