MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part I

81 Imam Malik Ibn Anas doctrines are not essentially different from that of

Imam Abu Hanifa

82 The principle of public welfare was recognized as the basis of deduction by

Imam Malik Ibn Anas

83 “Imam Shafei” was the famous pupils of

Imam Malik Ibn Anas

84 Who rejected Imam Abu Hanifa’s equity of jurist?

Imam Shafei

85 What is the total number of Sunni schools?

Four (4)

86 When were Sunni Schools founded?

During Abbasids’ era

87 What is the first postulate of the Muhammadan Jurisprudence?


88 Acknowledgement of God’s authority is classified by the jurists as a

Mental act

89 What type of act “Iqrar” is?

Physical act

90 There are how many main principles of action implanted in our nature.

Four (4)

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