MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part I

21 Istidlal was adopted as the fifth source of law by

Imam Shafei

22 Which country is the principle stronghold of Imam Shafei’s doctrine?


23 When was Imam Hanbal born?

164 AH

24 Imam Hanbal founded which school of Islamic jurisprudence.

Latest Sunni School

25 Who was a Traditionalist and Theologin?

Imam Hanbal

26 Who has authored “Musnadul Imam Hanbal”?

Imam Hanbal

27 What is “Musnadul Imam Hanbal” about?

Collection of Traditions

28 How many traditions “Musnadul Imam Hanbal” contains?


29 The Traditions present in Musnadul Imam Hanbal are reported by whom?

Imam Hanbal

30 Bukhari was one of the famous pupils of

Imam Hanbal

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