MCQs Of Muslim Law And Jurisprudence Part I

61 “Abu Bakar Ibzai dinil Khariji” died in the year of

836 AH

62 Who authored of “Al Usul”?

Fakhrul Islam Bazdawi

63 “Taudih” is the work of

Sadrush Shariat

64 Who wrote “Talwih”?


65 “Jamil Jawami” was authored by

Tajud Dinus Subki

66 Who wrote “Mukhtasar”?

Ibn Hajib

67 Tafazani was the follower of which school of law?

Shafei School of law

68 “At Taqrir Wat Tahbir” is the work of

Ibn Hammam

69 What is the literal meaning of “Fiqh”?


70 “Usul ul Fiqh” is also called

Ilmul Usul

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