Role Of Indian Intelligence Agencies In Terrorism

The post explains “Role of Indian intelligence agencies in terrorism. Role of Indian intelligence agencies in regional terrorism. Why India is involved in terrorism activities in its neighboring countries? Objectives of India behind regional terrorism”

Role Of Indian Intelligence Agencies In Terrorism

South Asia in general and Pakistan in particular is one of the most terrorism affected area in the world. It is strange to note that other countries of the region except Afghanistan have not suffered that much from terrorism as much Pakistan has. The country’s leaders have raised their concern about this issue and the involvement of Indian intelligence agencies in such heinous attacks, from time to time on different platforms but unfortunately no international organization has ever paid any attention to this problem. It has been noted that almost 95% of the terrorist attacks in Pakistan have either direct or indirect link with India. Indian intelligence agencies have greater role in these attacks. Some of their role and agenda behind the spread and nourishment of the terrorism in the region have been discussed below.

(A) Desire For The Status Of Super Power

India since its independence is dreaming of acquiring an important position such regional or global super power in the international political arena. But there are other important players in the region as well who have the same aspiration too and they have even more resources and capability than India. In such case India can only materialize her dream of becoming super power if other states of the region have unstable economic and political system. To make this happen in the neighbouring states, the country is utilizing the capabilities of her intelligence agencies in this regard which are backing terrorism in the region.

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(B) Role Of India In Terrorism In Pakistan

Pakistan is on the top in the target list of Indian intelligence agencies. The main reason behind this is that India wants to make Pakistan socially, politically and economically so unstable that she has left no other choice but to become a part of the United India again. For this purpose Indian intelligence agencies are backing each and every terrorist activity in Pakistan. Several of their members have been arrested by the Pakistani intelligence agencies but still an end to these wicked acts of India is far away.

(C) Role Of India In Terrorism In Afghanistan

India wants to become a prominent player in Afghanistan after the complete withdrawal of U.S and NATO forces. Albeit she still has acquired an important role in the country but she is not the only player, which is her objective. There are many reasons behind this objective. Number one, by using Afghan land and people India can easily carried out terrorist activities in Pakistan which she is already doing. Secondly she can also give a tough time to China by targeting her from a different position in case of war between the two countries. Thirdly she can earn a lot of money by getting access to the market of Central Asian Republics. Keeping in view all these objectives, Indian intelligence agencies will never want a stable and peaceful Afghanistan.

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(D) Role Of India In Terrorism In Iran

Friendly relations with Iran do not mean that she is not included in the Indian avaricious policy of dominating the world. Iran after China is the second contester of India for dominating South Asia. In such scenario, how can India avoid her? In Iran, India creates trouble for the government by escalating communal riots and creating a misunderstanding between Pakistan and Iran border forces that sometimes led to cross fire between the two forces.

(E) Role Of India In Terrorism In China

China, being the major contester of India for super power status in South Asia and in world, is another major target of India alongside Pakistan. Contrary to Pakistan China is more stable and developed so India cannot perform such heinous activities which she is easily doing in Pakistan but still she did not miss any chance to target China indirectly.

(F) Role Of India In Terrorism In Other Small States

Only major states are not the area of interest of India but small states too have some importance for India. She uses these states to present her soft and innocent posture to the world and to get a chance to blame and criticise Pakistan and China on various grounds.

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