The Role Of Islam in Modern World CSS

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The Role Of Islam in Modern World CSS

Islam is a religion for the people of all times. Today some people argued that Islam has no place in modern world because it is the age of modernization and technology. But this is not true. Religion still is the need of every soul. Some of the major roles that Islam is playing in modern world have been discussed in below paragraphs.

the role of islam in modern world

Islamophobia is Not Freedom Of Speech

No matter how great social, political, economic and technological development man has achieved over the past two centuries, he still needs religion in his life. Whereas science was talking about life extension and eternal life in the second half of twentieth century, today it argued about human extinction in the near future through a catastrophic event. In such case people needs a divine source that explains purpose of this life and life after death in extensive terms. It also explains the status and role of man in this world and in the life after death. Islam therefore is the only divine religion that can fill up the gap left by other religions.

Impact Of Islamic Civilization On The West And Vice Versa

Despite the unprecedented development of science and technology over the past centuries, science still fails answering some of the basic questions of human life. Some of these questions are those related to the purpose of human life on earth, concept of life after death, reality of Angels and Satan and heaven and hell. This is where only Islam guides us. It either through the verses of Holy Quran or teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) answer our questions. Islam even answers those questions that are directly related to science. For example Islam with clear instructions has detained widow marrying another man for four months and ten days. Today science acknowledged that within time period fixed by Islam, all bacteria and viruses that transferred from husband to wife during their conjugal meeting, vanishes. This means after completing Idat, a Muslim woman is as clean as she is before marriage. According to science in case of immediate marriage of a widow there are high chances of the emergence of different diseases both in husband and wife.

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The founder of today’s modernism is the West where materialistic development is considered actual success. Problem with this idea is it has created an imbalance in society in the form of increase greed, preference of materialism over spiritualism and a common practice of immoral and unlawful forms of businesses in the society. On the contrary Islam gives a balanced system for social, political and economic development. Though it clearly preferred success in the life after death but this does not means it overlook life of this world completely. It gives as equal importance to life of this world as it gives to life after death. It therefore presents a system for success and development that is free of all kinds of extremism and it is just and balanced.

Muslim World And The Contemporary Challenges

As we know science admits that the knowledge of human beings about this world and their existence is very limited. They are still learning. In such case a divine source of knowledge is needed that can guide us what to do and what not to do. Islam is that divine source that not only guides us but also helps us in understanding this world and its mysteries.

The main role of Islam in modern world is the establishment of a social, political and economic system that is based on the injunctions of Holy Quran and Sunnah. Such system has all the characteristics needed for the prosperity and welfare of society.  

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Islam help us to understand this world, its life and life after death. Islam explains every aspect of worldly life and life hereafter in explicit terms. It explains every aspect of worldly life thoroughly and guides us how to live it within social and moral boundaries fixed by Allah Almighty.

Whereas other religions are in static mode the beauty of Islam is it has given a system through which Muslims can find answers of questions related to the modern world. This system is called Ijma, where renowned scholars from all over the Muslim world gathered and give jurisdiction on an unexplained matter in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

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