MCQs Of History Of USA – Part I

71-What the Stamp Act of 1765 demanded from people?

All Printed material in the colony be produced on an official paper bearing an embossed stamp

72-According to historians the Stamp Act was to yield how much revenue a year?

£ 100,000

73-When was the Stamp Act of 1765 was protested for the first time?

October 1765

74-When the British parliament revoked the Stamp Act?

March 1766

75-When was the Non-Importation Agreement signed by the Boston merchants?

August 1768

76-When was the incident of Boston Massacre occurred?

5 March 1770

77-How many people died and get injured in the Boston Massacre?

Three died Eight injured

78-Tea Act was passed in the year of


79-When was the incident of Boston Tea Party occurred?


80-What had happened in Boston Tea Party?

People threw overboard chests of tea valued at 15000 Pounds

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