Women’s Employment in Pakistan – 7 Great Hurdles

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Women’s Employment in Pakistan

Women’s highest employment rate is as important for a country’s growth and development as other factors. Employment creates independency in females which lead to women’s advancement and empowerment in society. In Pakistan employment rate of women is comparatively low than other developed and developing nations.

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Causes Of Women’s Low Employment Rate in Pakistan

women's employment in pakistan

There are several factors contributing to this dilemma, some of which are given below.

Status Of Women in Education in Pakistan

Low Literacy Rate: Low literacy rate in women is a major hurdle in the development and employment of women in Pakistan. Literacy rate varies from area to area like in urban areas it is 74 per cent while in rural areas of the country it is hardly 7 per cent.

Social And Cultural Taboos: Socio-cultural norms and taboos are also count as a major reason of low female participation in the work force in the country. In our society people often look down on working women. It is considered highly unethical to let women work outside home.

Less Employment Opportunities: Being a patriarchal society, women in Pakistan have less employment opportunities than men. Women are offered only low pay and low scale jobs in the country.

Status Of Women’s Health in Pakistan

Quota System: Another stumbling upon block in women’s high employment ratio is prevailing quota system in the country. Quota system limits the participation and employment opportunities of women in the country.

Gender Discrimination: Both in public and private sectors gender discrimination in appointment process of candidates, too is a major problem. Women being considered unmatched to men are offered low pay scale job.

Government Inconsistent Policies: Lack of political will and inconsistent policies of government has further deteriorated employment situation of women in the country. Women and their issues have always remained last in government to do list.

Women Rights Issue in Pakistan

Working Women Sexual Harassment At Work

This too is a major problem. According to media reports year 2019 saw an increase in sexual harassment cases of women both in offices and in field work. Majority of women due to this problem prefer staying at home than working outside.


The above mentioned problems show grim picture of women employment in Pakistan. Without the creation of enough opportunities for women in mainstream occupations, Pakistan’s dream of joining the club of developed nations will always remain only a dream.

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